11th Annual Conference: The Region's Health and Health Care Systems

Saginaw Valley University, University Center, MI  
Monday, January 20, 2020 8:15 AM - 1:00 PM   iCalendar

The health of our community’s population continues to  be  of  paramount  importance. Across the nation, moving upstream is recognized as vital to health outcomes. Living conditions and root cause factors, generally referred to as social determinants of health are taking center stage.

The January 2020 conference speakers are exceptional pioneers who are providing unprecedented leadership and innovation in upstream health efforts, routinely breaking the mold of past approaches. Their broad information and substantial experience routinely transform thinking and drive action while maintaining quality and positive care experiences.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2020 | 8:15 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.


Ott Auditorium | Regional Education Center | 7400 Bay Rd, University Center, MI 48710

* Simulcast at Central Michigan University & Kirtland Health Sciences Center, Grayling


Rishi Manchanda, M.D., MPH; President and CEO, Health Begins

BREAKTHROUGH THINKING FOR UPSTREAM IMPACT - The early work of upstream thought leaders in health care focused on improving the transactional dimensions of care. Yet, at its best, upstream work is transformational. A more recent focus strives to transform both the relationships and the social structures that influence health, not only the transactions of care. As this movement matures, institutions, multi-sector collaboratives and entire communities face similar challenges. How do we take a bundle of interventions purporting to address a variety of social needs and shape them into a cohesive investment strategy that can achieve long-term health, social and financial impact? First, use an investment mindset. Second, tackle structural determinants, not just social needs.


Brian C. Castrucci, MA, DrPH; President and CEO, de Beaumont Foundation


Public health has traditionally operated in a silo, but achieving long-term wellbeing for our communities increasingly requires cross-sector collaboration. Policies from “Tobacco 21” to safe rental housing have passed with business buy-in, empowering Americans to live healthier lives. Although cross-sector partnerships have inherent challenges, effective collaboration allows communities can go beyond focusing solely on individual social needs and instead tackle the social determinants of health. Case studies of successful, sustainable partnerships can help pave the way for effective future collaborations.





Saginaw Valley University  

Ott Auditorium - Regional Education Center
7400 Bay Rd
University Center, MI 48710, USA

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